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Time: 6-9pm 

Price: $65

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Bauhaus Brew Labs

Bauhaus Brew Labs is a family of musicians, scientists, artists and above all, beer lovers, aiming to reinvigorate the spirit of the family brewery. At Bauhaus, they take a unique look at classic German-inspired beer styles, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure. Their flavor-forward, sessionable beers are crafted to surprise and delight without taxing the palate.

Inbound Brew Co.

Inbound is one of the newest breweries in the North Loop neighborhood. They brew small batch beers and serve up a large variety of styles: Hoppy, Lighter, Darker, Sour, Polish, German, Belgian and collaboration beers.  Some of our favorites include Kölsch Infused with Raspberry, Lemon-Ginger Belgian Blonde, and Hoppy Amber. 


Sisyphus Brewery name comes from a Greek legend. He’s the guy condemned to push a rock up a hill for all eternity. Whenever it gets to the top, he must go back to the bottom to retrieve it, and begin the journey all over again. Sounds rough.  That’s what they do.  Their rock is a barrel of beer; it’s the empty fermenters at the end of a long week; it’s everything that goes on at their place.  They have a very unique brewery with rotating taps weekly.  Along with the brewery they also have a separate comedy club that features many great comedians plus amateur hour.  Most place to visit.   


Food trucks available at Bauhaus Brew Labs

Ending Location

Ending location will be the same as the starting location at Rock Bottom Brewery - the first Brew Pub in Minneapolis.  After the tour stop in - we'll give you a "buy one pint, get one free pint".  A full drink and food menu is available in the bar or restaurant.

Ending Location - Rock Bottom Brewery MPLS

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